In-Office General Anesthesia in Bend, OR

In-Office General Anesthesia in Bend, OR

When a child is old enough to receive dental care, our pediatric dentist at Bend Children's Dentistry may recommend sedation during dental treatments. Children, especially infants and toddlers, cannot always sit still or stay calm during dental procedures. Many children tend to fidget during the procedures and don’t stay long enough for the dentist to complete the necessary work. In addition, a child’s gag reflex may prevent them from being able to open their mouth wide enough to allow the treatment to be completed.   

These issues can result in poor dental health if left untreated and require sedation methods to get the teeth cleaned and repaired correctly. Depending on your child's age and general health, several different anesthesia options are available. One standard option in pediatric dentistry is the use of general anesthesia. This is reserved for cases where the anxiety or fear of being at the dentist is more significant than expected. General anesthesia means your child is asleep during the procedure and will not feel pain. General anesthesia is often the safest option to help calm the child and allow treatments to be completed without issue  

The Benefits of In-Office General Anesthesia  

  • Most children sleep through the entire procedure and won’t remember anything afterward. This is ideal for anxious children and children with special needs who can’t manage a long appointment.
  • Children, especially those scared or with a severe gag reflex, sometimes need general anesthesia. Even those who are cooperative at the dentist may benefit from general anesthesia.
  • In some cases, children are too young to cooperate for dental treatments. When this is the case, a dentist may recommend performing therapy under general anesthesia so the child is not in pain.

Is General Anesthesia Safe?   

Your child may be nervous or anxious about undergoing dental treatment under general anesthesia. Still, it is essential to remember that it is one of the safest forms of anesthesia available. This form of sedation is administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist in a surgical facility and monitored by highly trained medical staff throughout your child’s procedure. When your child is under general anesthesia, they cannot respond to outside stimuli, allowing the pediatric dentist to complete your treatment without interruptions. Additionally, because your child cannot feel anything during the procedure, they will be completely comfortable and at ease the entire time. The recovery time will depend on the type of dental work performed and the individual patient. In most cases, however, you can take your child home on the same day of the procedure.   

If your child needs dental care and general anesthesia, visit Bend Children's Dentistry at 2190 NE Professional Court, Suite 200, Bend, OR 97701, or call (541) 907-1611 for the best care possible. 



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