Insurance & Finance Options

We Accept Most PPOs and State Insurance Plans

At Bend Children's Dentistry, we understand the importance of ensuring that your child receives the best oral care without adding unnecessary financial stress to your life. This is why we proudly accept most Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and state insurance plans. Our commitment lies in ensuring that children can receive exceptional dental services without compromising on quality or affordability. By partnering with a wide range of PPO and state insurance plans, we aim to extend our reach and offer flexible payment options for our valued patients. This approach allows us to effectively cater to diverse financial needs while delivering top-notch dental care that promotes optimal oral health for every child within our community.

In-Office Payment Plan

We also offer a flexible and convenient in-office payment plan designed to ease any budgetary concerns you may have. We believe that every child deserves a healthy smile and aim to make it as easy as possible for parents to prioritize their little one's oral health while managing other financial obligations comfortably through our in-office payment options. Call or visit us to learn more about our in-office payment plan.


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